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Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit blinds are a reliable system for many situations. The clever design allows the frame to clip into the beading of many window or glass door frames with no drilling or screws needed. 

They keep windowsills completely clear because of their close fit to the glass and they allow glass doors to be used whether the blind is open or closed. 

The perfect fit frame can hold venetian, pleated, cellular, vision or roller blinds. 

Pleated blinds are fabrics with a very slim profile. This allows the blind to fold completely up out of the way when open and they are free from cords. The blind can be set to open from the top or bottom of the window, or both, allowing options such as light allowance from the top while maintaining privacy at eye level into the room. The fabrics used include voile, satin and blackout and come in a large range of colours.

Cellular blinds with a coated honeycomb design have a double layer of fabric that traps air and creates a particularly high energy efficient and sound absorbing blind. They are one of the best insulating blinds on the market. 

With a wide range of fabrics, colours and finished they can be matched to all decor. 

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Gallery of our recent installations;

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