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Greenscreen Sea-Tex

Globe designer blinds are proud to offer Greenscreen Sea-Tex fabric to our roller and vertical blind fabric range.

The Greenscreen Sea-Tex fabric range is made from recovered shoreline plastic.

Recycling programs are occurring throughout the world as we speak, sorting and processing recovered plastics from beaches, remote coastlines, inland waterways and the surrounding local communities. Turning ocean plastic into fabric is both inspiring and environmentally friendly.

Greenscreen sea tex recycled roller vertical blind fabric
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In our everyday lives we are surrounded by plastic. Just think about every piece we touch in a single day; shopping bags, food containers, coffee cup lids, water bottles, straws - the list goes on and on. We depend on plastic,  but it comes at a steep price.

In the first decade of this century, we made more plastic than all the plastic in history up to the year 2000. And every year, millions of tons of plastic end up in the world‘s oceans.

Most ocean pollution starts out on land and is carried by wind, rain and rivers to the sea. Once in the water, there is a near-continuous accumulation of waste. Plastic is so durable that the US Environmental Protection  Agency (EPA) reports “every bit of plastic ever made still exists.”

Emerging research suggest that not one square mile of surface ocean anywhere on earth is free from plastic pollution.

It is now estimated that we have six times more plastic than plankton in our oceans.

The Greenscreen Sea-TexTM Project is a product program by Hunter Douglas, initated in collaboration with the material innovator Bionic® Yarn, turning recovered shoreline plastic waste into fabrics. 

Together with a global network of environmental organisations and governments, Bionic® develop recycling programs to collect, sort and process recovered plastics from beaches, remote coastlines, inland waterways and the surrounding local communities where plastics are commonly incinerated or landfilled.

The recovered plastics are used directly for Bionic® polymers.

This symbiotic relationship addresses the global plastic pollution and marine debris crisis through the collection and reduction of plastic pollution sources from coastal communities, while creating jobs and stimulating the local economy.

In 2010, grammy award winning artist and producer Pharrell Williams became          Bionic‘s partner. A design and fashion force in his own right, Williams stepped into and remains acting Creative Director at Bionic®.

Greenscreen sea tex recycled roller vertical blind fabric process

The Greenscreen Sea-Tex fabric range is suitable for both roller blinds and vertical blinds. There is a wide selection of fabric colours and prints available to suit your interior. Water resistant fabrics are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. The fabric is also naturally fire retardent. Please contact us for details and samples and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. 

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