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Urban Shutters


Urban shutters

Urban Shutters are a brand new collection of Polysilk vinyl window shutters which offer functional styling with a contemporary flair and advanced technology.

Enhancing privacy without compromising on light, Urban shutters create a grandiosity of detail and dimension within the home whilst flaunting a striking statement from the outside.

Transform your home today with our classical selection of made-to-measure frames and door styles to suit any room and any style.

Environmentally friendly

The shutters are custom made in the UK to your exact specifications. They are very environmentally friendly and meet all regulations relating to the emission of organic compounds and are 100% recyclable. Help the environment by sourcing your shutters from within the UK - you also get a much quicker turnaround than relying on imports! 


The benefits

The polysilk vinyl is ultra strong and will not chip, crack or peel.  The colour is embedded into the shutter so they will never need painting and marks can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth or sanded out. Individual louvres can also be replaced should they become damaged.


Urban shutters help reduce noise and keep heating or air conditioning costs down with their excellent insulating properties due to the cell structure of both the frames and louvres. They are water resistant so are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms. They are also flame retardent to UK standards so are safe for domestic and commercial properties. 


Personal styling

Choose from a stunning range of Full Height, Tier-on-Tier and Café Style dressings to make that all important impact within the home.


The computerised manufacturing facilities ensure the louvres are perfectly equidistantly spaced. The advanced operating system allows the louvres to close seamlessly in both directions, whilst the spring loaded self-levelling feature ensures that panels remain level while closed.


The 'duplex' feature on the tilt bar allows different sets of louvres to be controlled separately to balance light and privacy.

Urban shutters contain no cords which could be harmful so are "safe by design" as standard.


Choose a shutter to suit your style in Cotton White or Arctic White and 2 louvre sizes of 63mm or 89mm. The upper and lower rail can also be selected from a choice of 50mm or 100mm widths.  We offer a wide variety of decorative frames for mounting either inside or outside the window recess.


Four or three sided cafe style shutters.


Double doors.

LL_2019_Shutters_Tier On Tier_No_T_Post_
LL_2019_Shutters_Tier On Tier_T_Post_Lou

Tier on tier shutters with no divider and 100mm frame. Tier on tier shutters with transom beam. Full door with split louvres respectively.


Full door with concealed tilt bar and 100mm frame. Full door showing tilt bar and 50mm frame. Full door with mid-rail showing top louvres open respectively.

Gallery of our recent installations;

If you would like to learn more, please get in touch via our contacts page for an initial, online price and to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.

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