Venetian & Wooden Blinds


Wooden Blinds

Bringing the natural beauty of nature into your home or office with our premium collection of wooden blinds is always a good choice. With a range of shades, colours and finishes that include matt, gloss and textured they are simple yet stylish. Wooden blinds create a natural, elegant finish that works with any design scheme. Choose from a range of matching or contrasting tapes and strings.

They offer a variety of slat widths, the wider the slat the more light is able to pass through into the room when they are open.


Wooden venetian blinds offer the option of allowing light in but keeping your home private. They can also be fully raised for a clear view from your window.

Faux wood is also available for areas where higher water resistance is needed and come in many colours and finishes.

Metallic Valance.jpg
Contoured Valance.jpg

Metallic and contoured wooden valance options

Perfect Fit Blinds

Aluminium and wooden blinds are all available as standard blinds fitted within the window recess or for locations such as patio doors where you want no obstructions, they can be fitted as Perfect Fit blinds which fits them within the frame of the window. Venetian blinds can also be manually operated or motorised.

For perfect fit options then Pleated blinds offer a similar look to venetians but are made from pleated fabrics with a very slim profile. This allows the blind to fold completely up out of the way when open and they are free from cords. The blind can be set to open from the top or bottom of the window allowing options such as light allowace from the top while maintaining privacy at eye level into the room. The fabrics used include voile, satin and blackout and come in a large range of colours. Cellular blinds have a double layer of fabric that traps air and creates a particularly high energy efficient and sound absorbing blind.

Sunwood perfect fit.png

Wooden Perfect-Fit Blinds

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Aluminium venetian blinds are lightweight and water resistant. The choice of colours is endless. Available in matt, gloss, textured and perforated finishes. They can be tilted to allow a choice of screening for privacy and light levels or raised fully to completely reveal your window and view.

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