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Perfect Fit™

Perfect fit™ or Intu™ framed blinds fit neatly into the beading of the window with no drilling or permanent fixings to your windows. They can be made to most shapes and sizes so are a good option for tricky windows. The frame is suitable for venetian, pleated, cellular and roller blinds. 2023 saw the addition of a new lightweight shutter that works with a similar system that means they can be added to doors and windows in the same way. Blinds attached in this way mean that doorways can remain in constant use without any obstruction from your blinds and window sills are kept completely free of any blinds sitting forward of the windows.

Pleated or cellular blinds are one of the most popular options for perfect fit frames but can also be made as a standard blind. They can cover windows of many shapes and sizes. Cellular blinds are the best option available for insulation and preventing heat loss from the home. 

Why choose Perfect fit?
  • No permanent fixings to your window frames

  • Made to almost any shape

  • Light filtering or blockout

  • Easy to use the door without needing to adjust the blinds

  • Keep windowsills clear

  • The best option for insulation and energy saving

Browse some of our installations showing the different styles available and contact us to have a chat about what you're looking for.

All images are of our own installations. Selecting the image will open it for a brief description of the key aspects of the style. 

Mains poweredand batterymotor options

Handset, appor homesystemcontrolled

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